About Us

Around the year 1953, several Largo residents approached the Clearwater Rotary Club about chartering a Largo Rotary Club. Alfred Marshall, District Governor (at that time, the district covered the entire state of Florida!), Frank Tack and Howard Rives, Assistants to the District Governor, challenged the men to find the necessary 24 members needed to start a club.

They found them and an organizational meeting was held on April 1, 1954 at the Holiday Inn at 1150 Clearwater-Largo Road, now in business as Untouchables Pizza.

The minutes of the next meeting, April 8,1954, reflect that: “R.M. Collins gave an outline of Rotary ByLaws. The Charter has been granted by Rotary International. April 22, 1954 was set for Charter Night at the Fort Harrison Hotel. Clearwater and Largo Rotarians Ladies’ Night will celebrate granting of the Charter.” On April 22, 1954, the Rotary Club of Largo was presented with their official charter, dated March 30, 1954, with representatives from many other clubs in the District and over 200 Rotarians and their wives attending.